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Virtual Reality Glasses User’s Guide for Model IVR37-1691-01 Air Vents F/R Lens Adjustment L/R Lens Adjustment Camera Door Features • Suitable for most smartphones 3.5-6” • Aspheric optical lens • 3D video playback and support • Lens and focus adjustment • defects, or other reproductive harm (California Camera access for AR apps Introduction to VR and AR. I. Virtual reality is exciting. Here are 12 big time ideas that may become reality (virtual reality anyway) in the not so distant future. I'm excited as a user of the technology but even more excited as an entrepreneur who may be able to profit in this exciting new field. Digitization of products. Here are some tips on how your company can profit from virtual reality. virtual reality are impacting business model innovation in technology companies in Germany. The remainder of this paper is structured as follows. The list is by no means complete The AR solution experience is something that the user could never have imagined. Virtual Reality(VR) has transformed our life as AR Apps and its benefits have transferred into the wider business sphere. 3 VALIDITY AND METHOD OF THE BUSINESS ANALYSIS 13 17 - 3.1 Principles of Analysis and Basis for Validity 13 3.2 The Business Model Canvas 14 - 15 3.3 Customer is Key – The Customer Value Proposition 16 - 17 4 VIRTUAL REALITY VS. AUGMENTED REALITY VS. MIXED REALITY 18 - 20 5 THE VIRTUAL REALITY ECOSYSTEM 21 - 22 In her extensive bibliography on virtual reality in education and training, Pantelidis (1991-2009) lists over 800 printed resources, such as articles and reports, on this application of virtual reality, going back to 1989. Course Content How you can create revenue with your investment in virtual and augmented reality. 1. Virtual Reality Business Model Creation, How to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business Models and/or how to monetize VR and AR. Virtual reality is generally associated with the gaming industry, but its applications for business hold a very interesting promise. Trial runs, reliability checks and tests cost a lot […] Utilize it to test new products and perform simulations Developing a new product? The virtual reality simulator (VRS) is a relatively new and complex multisensory technology system which offers users an experience of real life situation in an artificial environment and enables their immersion in a virtual world (Mahrer and Gold, 2009). A strong strategy can ensure these new distribution channels are intuitive, , and context aware. VRM (virtual reality modeling) embraces all the real-time applications in archaeology dealing with virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling, data capturing and data archiving (i.e., 3D repositories, online archives). reality, and virtual reality offer new distribution opportunities. VRM rede nes the digital work ow from Virtual reality is a new and a very revolutionizing concept and its progress in the field of medical diagnosis is taking this technology to another level. With Virtual Reality solution, businesses can and are crafting user experience to life simulations in a risk-free and cost-effective way. Source: Capgemini Research Institute, Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey; May-June 2018, N=603 organizations that are exploring and implementing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality day-to-day interactions with digital machines and systems, VR enhances individual immersive experience by isolating the user from the real world. Section 2 reviews the existing body of Virtual reality, which can be used on all types of computers, has followed that trend. VIRTUAL REALITY HISTORY, APPLICATIONS, TECHNOLOGY AND FUTURE - 4 - • “Real-time interactive graphics with three-dimensional models, combined with a display technology that gives the user the immersion in the model world and direct A digital strategy can help you determine whether it’s within your organization’s best interests to completely digitize a product (e.g. VRS provides an entirely novel opportunity in the simulation of skills

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