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There's a massive trove of items here; pick up the Blue Choker, Safety Bit, Mythril Shaft, Silver Bangle, Fireproof Inners, Megalixir, Glass Gemstone, and four Oracle Ascension Coins. There's a Hi-Elixir here, then keep working your way down. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Take it, and you'll reach a short beam with 10 Metal Scraps. Complete coverage of the main story. (If you got the coins and fall into the nothingness, from the elevator, drop to the bottom level where the spiked platforms are and head up the slope to the west. Now return to where you entered through whatever means (jump back there, or die and revive there), and drop down to the north, being careful to roll in the little alcove to the north, to avoid being pushed off the ledge by the block. This is Titan holding the Door to the Underworld shut while supporting … At this point, unless you need to backtrack for whatever reason, you can drop down to be outside the dungeon. Jump to the switch to the southwest, then return to the alcove where you dropped down here. The first jump is straightforward, then you need to use the top of the spiked cylinder to cross to the steel ledge on the other side. This is a grouping of complex spikes you must avoid. I spent 4 hours in here the 1st time and it was mind boggling. Jump to the small platform, then to a larger one. Wait for the wall to get to its most westerly position, then run up the ramp and in though the gap in the middle to go inside the contraption. Climb it to the top, then jump to the floating platform to the east. Once you're down here, look at the spike wall. Ahead of you, there's a moving platform, Time your jump to coincide with it at its lowest point, then, when it's at the top, climb on the stone outcrop on the east side of the pillar, then jump to the white switch. Follow the path north now to soon reach a metal beam that stays near the edge of the area, at the end of which is a Crusader's Anklet. A postgame section telling you how to get through every dungeon, including the brutal Pitioss Ruins. A few days ago, I read a thread on here about theories for the Pitioss Ruins. The first jump is very easy, while the second is to a narrow beam, which takes some finesse to make. Once it's stopped moving, head to its belly button to find a set of Genji Gloves, the run up the statue's eastern arm, hop carefully over the wristband, and walk onto the hilt of its sword. The door across from you will have opened--go inside. From here, drop down and take the Platinum Bangle from the now-open door and two Behemoth Horns from the far eastern one, then simply climb the broken girders through the room. Next, drop off to a platform around the southwest corner, where there's a Rusted Bit. One final time, take the spinner to the top. After climbing the second incline (the one heading north), look to the northwest for a ledge with a Glass Gemstone, then get back up the ramps. Final Fantasy XV is no exception, but one dungeon stands out from the rest: Pitioss Ruins. Follow it to solid ground (once you near the end it's easiest to jump around the corner), where ten Potions are your prize. Once you land on it, follow it to the south for two Mythril Shafts. Look to the east, where you can see some more platforms to jump to. More narrow ledges to cross, but here again the "angle yourself as parallel as possible" trick shines. Instead, head south, where a moving wall will uncover five Potions. On my 2nd play through I came back knowing the reward is crap but just wanted to go through it again Go to the middle of the ledge, and wait for the wall to return, and jump on top. The path splits but the eastern one goes nowhere, so head west. The Black Hood causes Noctis to automatically Phase when he is not attacking. Cross them carefully (there's a part that's only connected by a small rock), then jump across to still more sloping stones. Ahhh the famed Pitioss Ruins. Next is a metal platform and a balance beam, on which a Glass Gemstone, Megalixir, Ether, Hi-Elixir, Mega Phoenix, Hi-Potion, Sky Gemstone, and Insulated Inners lie. Hop off into the caged area to the west, where the first platform has four Iron Shavings. By using this site you are bound and abide by the user agreements. Sometimes it works, like Prompto’s photography of your journey; sometimes it doesn’t, like the infamous Chapter 13. Look down now and a bit to the west, and you'll see a beam you can drop down to, so do so very carefully. Pitioss Ruins There’s a super secret dungeon hidden away in the darkest corner of Final Fantasy XV’s world map, and you can only get to it after beating the game and obtaining the Regalia Type-F. Now die to reset the room (it's possible to continue using the Dagger trick, but extremely difficult). Do your best Mario and jump from ledge to ledge, being careful not to fall. At the top, you have to jump across the tops of some pillars, then a difficult jump to a narrow ledge. The door to the east is likewise untouchable. The Case for Final Fantasy XV's Pitioss Ruins By Tony Garsow on January 22, 2017 at 3:47 PM Typically, when we think of Final Fantasy dungeons, we think of monster-filled labyrinths that test your ability to prepare your party for difficult encounters. When you get to the eastern-most one, look for a fenced-off path you can jump to behind you to the west. Jump to the left (north) of the spiked roller to continue. Continue following it around, and you'll soon see a pie wheel below you. Keep following the path north, and jump to the gap in a fenced-in area. Ride until you see some stairs to the south, then climb them and jump on the beam to the north. At the end, jump over the door and hit the switch. Drop down and head into the door that just opened up. Moving slowly, take the Golden Hourglass from its horn, then climb down its back and onto a beam. A good trick to this is to angle yourself a bit towards the wall as you fall; this way, you're less likely to roll, and even if you do you probably won't go off the edge. Those glory days came screeching to a halt, however, with the advent of th… The play begins in the main hall of Pitioss Ruins. Simplifying this, your friends have waited outside; they will rejoin you when you leave. This is Titan holding the Door to the Underworld shut while supporting the earth. The northern stairs are a dead end with a Rusted Bit on the top, after which you should continue following the stairs east. At this point, the worst is behind us, though we still have a little more to do yet. You'll see a gap in the fence-like structure; carefully jump through it, keeping to the western wall to alight on another similar narrow strip. Everything started clicking in … (Be quick, the area you need to get to is fairly high up.). Pick up the Moon Pendant near where you dropped down, and a Rare Coin to the north. I’ve seen the gambit of reaction in my social media feeds and elsewhere. You'll find yourself back where you entered this large chamber. In the video below, you can see my return attempt that I’ve trimmed down considerably, though it posed no little challenge: To me, it represents a lot of the weirdness of FFXV, in that, despite its laborious efforts to be a shade of its perceived contemporaries, there are attempts at some unique things that endear you to it. Pitioss Ruins is a unique dungeon; it has no combat, only platforming and puzzles. What he experienced there changed him and the memories haunt him. The play begins in the main hall of Pitioss Ruins. Mind, these games had tank controls, which — in current times — are generally viewed as an undesirable artifact from a bygone era. Follow this path, jumping as needed of course, until you reach a long metal beam. Now continue following this level left. One Final Fantasy 15 player finds a few tricks and skips that will turn the very long Pitioss Ruins secret dungeon into a 6-minute breeze to the black hood.. Hop on one, then look behind the first (non-spiked) wall to the northeast for five Mega-Potions. From here, drop down to the lower ledge to the west (you can stand in the northwestern corner and let the iron bars above push you off onto it if you want, or drop off the west edge if you're fast). One of the most memorable things this generation and it really cements XV as having among the best dungeons in the series. Keep following this somewhat windy path. Doing so will cause the room to rotate, which is the basis for this puzzle. Here, you'll see a small outcrop in your direction; venture out on it and jump to the right to get ten Ammonite Fossils, then return to the main path (press forward after jumping back to the left). Head through this narrow passage to reach a new chamber. We're back in the starting chamber once again. Jump back across to the large stone ledge, then look for a steep slope to the south along the east edge. The Pitioss Ruins are unique among other dungeons in Final Fantasy XV, both for their aesthetic and their progression. Follow the stairs up and around, and use the moving wall block below to cross to the other side. Up here, find two Oracle Cards and a Hi-Elixir. You'll be raised up a level, where a statue waits to the northwest. While that seems lucrative, you won’t be able to go all out expecting to be invulnerable. Pass the wheel and to its left, by its bottom level, you'll be able to pick up yet another Building Stone, after which you should work your way around the wheel and then drop down to the narrow ledge on its left, where you'll get a few Iron Shavings. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Return all the way back to that narrow beam that initially started us going up here and jump back to the main platform from there. What I’ve always loved about these kind of games isn’t so much a need to finish within a time limit, but inching around desperately trying to find your next move, and the payoff when you figure it out. Jump off this ledge, then continue following this path upward. Pitioss Ruins is an optional dungeon only available during Chapter 15. Keep going down until the screen changes. Pitioss Ruins is a special dungeon that requires the Regalia Type-F, as it is enclosed in a mountainous region. Backtrack up the stairs and use the metal ramp now. Walk northeast to drop down another level, then, from here, go northwest a bit and take the nearby Chrome Bit. You'll stop in what appears to be a ventilation duct. A second spotlight shines on … Next, it's time to go up the stairs in here. Here, jump to where you see the item, an Elixir, then head to the end of the outcropping and leap for the platform to the northwest. CHAPTER 1: “AN IDEA”. Part of the theory is that Pitioss was designed by a guy who'd worked on Bloodborne, a game that's infamous for relying almost entirely on environmental storytelling to convey its story. No bosses inside the dungeon . So turn south and, when the platforms start to take on a serious angle, drop down into the hole here, landing at some point along the path. Follow the path, then touch the glyph to enter. From here, follow the ledges west, then south. From here, jump to the raised door in front of you, then to the nearby ledge with a Rusted Bit. 1. Be brave and climb out on the girder, then jump to the ledge on the other side, being careful not to overshoot. The secret dungeon called the Pitioss Ruins is incredibly unique in that there are no enemies inside, but it’s made up of a series of puzzle rooms and platforming. Instead of continuing, return to the west wall (where you just came from) and work your way north. At the bottom, ignore the beam with three items on it for the moment (the jump is practically impossible), and instead go west along the beam and jump to another narrow beam going north and south. Once you've unlocked the Regalia Type-F, you can now follow these steps to access the secret Pitioss Ruins … The story in Pitioss, as said in our last post is a tale told through symbolism. You won’t be able to access it until you get flight capability for the Regalia after clearing the game, and then you’ve got to land it on a tiny strip of road in a far corner of the map (which, well, takes some real trial and error.). It's a secret dungeon in the game so you really have no reason for being upset about the difficulty behind it. The Pitioss Ruins is a secret dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. On the back there are some metal bars you can ride, so do so. Climb up, then, at the top, walk carefully through the spike field. Pitioss Ruins Enemies. (Make sure to start your jump further back, or you'll hit the spikes on the way up.) Now drop back down (to where you jumped up here from) and follow the path east, then north. Now jump back to the beam going west and work along the slanted beam. There have been many that have had some sort of gimmick, such as FFIV’s Magnetic Cavern, or FFVIII’s Tomb of the Unknown King. Nova Crystallis and its contents is Copyright © 2009-2020. You must move quickly past the next moving wall, or you'll be pushed off the ledge; the gap is to the southeast. You'll see some metal bars; use these to jump to another set of metal bars. Pitioss Ruins is an optional dungeon only available during Chapter 15. Drop onto the round part... ...to see the game take it one step further, as an OG 2D game! Up here, destroy the strange-looking statue to vaporize an energy barrier. When you reach the western beam, use it to leap over the door to the south. Use the pie-shaped wheel to cross to the other side, and keep following the easy, linear path. Final Fantasy 15 Pitioss Ruins - Location and how to complete the lengthy, challenging dungeon and get the Black Hood accessory Set aside a few … Here, there's nowhere to go but down. Head to where the cage was earlier, and you'll find five Iron Shavings, a Blood Sword, three Garnet Bracelets, and a Rusted Bit on the floor, and four Elixirs in the chest. Now head back west and, when the wall is out of the way, follow this area north and around down a ramp to the west, where a Soldier's Anklet is collecting dust nearby. When the room has rotated enough for you not to fall, jump to the next platform to the south. The Pitioss Ruins Dungeon is an end-game maze featured in (FF15) Final Fantasy XV, it is also home to the rather lovely Black Hood accessory.. Now go back straight north from the Chrome Bit (don't head back west), and carefully drop off walking north (don't hold down any directionals in midair) to land on the platform below. Just … When it stops spinning, jump to a pillar, then on top of the trap, then to the metal platform to the west. Also, by the time you obtain it in your travels, its usefulness is likely next to nil. There's a second wheel here, which you want to use to cross to a steel platform on the other side. Cross the hall of doors and use the opposite exit. This time, cross to the west side, then wait for the stone to move away and claim three Popourri Accessories. Hit the switch... ...to find yourself in familiar territory. From here you have a fairly easy jump to that tempting piece of metal. Now, back at the iron ball, continue to the end of the path to the east. When you reach one of the only actually vertical walls in the area, look west and you'll see a connecting path jutting out. Jump across to the south, avoiding the three sets of spikes, until you come to a stone outcropping. Chapter 13, Verse 2: For King and Comrade. As it rounds the corner, jump onto a steel beam, then wait for the platform to get a little ahead of the spikes and jump over them, back on the platform. Work your way very carefully past the curving bars; stay as far north as possible and walk past them. Once on the beam, follow it to the end (walking), where seven Mega-Potions lie. There's a gap you can use to enter a different part of the wall down here (if you took some stairs up, you went too far). To make this easier, there are some corner flaps that, when the opening is at the top, will let you easily hold your position. Look to the west and you'll see a narrow stone ledge. I can’t remember who the OP was for this idea, but basically they thought that the giant female statue could be the corpse of a long forgotten Astral. While I make it look considerably easier in my second attempt, my first time through had no shortage of missed jumps and fumbling through the dark. Basic gameplay section telling you how to play the game. A spotlight shines on the bearded statue who is holding a door shut with one hand and a platform with the other. Pitioss Ruins is a Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. There's no way to die in here short of cutting the power to your system. To do this, jump on top of the round part of the first wheel, then into the wedge of the second. Jump to the iron ramp to the south, and go up to the top. Update: Link to Sean Gallagher beating Pitioss in 1:34, pretty much skipping everything! Now get to the far northern wall gap (either jumping on cylinders or using the Dagger trick) and collect the Star Pendant above the doorway. Take the Warm Inners from the end of the broken girder here, then leap to the narrow one to the north. Don't climb the angled metal just yet, instead wait for the wall to move east a bit and you can alight on a new platform, complete with a bit of Iron Shavings, an Earth Gemstone, and a Malboro Eye. Continue to follow beams until you reach solid ground with stairs (jump to it). Take the slope and go east at the top, where you get a Rusted Bit just for showing up, then head west. There's a pinch of Iron Shavings at the end, but don't jump across to the south just yet. Hit the switch, and the thing will begin to rotate. There's a lift going up and down, so use that to get to the upper level here. Make your way back to the first up/down block. This can get very disorienting, but you'll get used to it over time. However, there is one thing you want to do before heading there, as there’s a secret quest that can be started in Lestallum. Once you're crossed it, an easy jump and you're high up in the second antechamber. It will tilt, but don't worry, it won't try to throw you off, at least not at the moment. Grab the Building Stone, then try to get on top of this wheel. The dungeon also makes unmarked checkpoints; falling into an abyss, or touching spikes, causes you to restart from the previous checkpoint. Jump across the objects until you reach a stone ledge, then cross into what appears to be a ball of sorts. Get back to the steel ledge you just jumped from, and jump onto the cylinder to the south, then to another beam. Yeah, it’s not perfect — I’ll mention once again that Noctis’ movement isn’t particularly built for this kind of thing. Two more pillars, then yet another tricky jump to a narrow beam. Immediately in front of you is a Chrome Bit, after which you should drop down. Go back to the central stairs, and make your way to the western switch, and hit it to open the door, where five Ethers are in a chest. Back on the ground, go to the southern end of the room, and jump to the platform to the west, just in front of the newly-opened door. Get back inside the wall now, and this time do climb it to the top. Making sure you're as far back as possible (hit the Forward directional a bit), follow the block left and drop through the gap, picking up a Rare Coin. Pitioss Ruins is in the same area (Hulldagh Pike) where Stealing the Past's treasure is; in fact, the Stealing the Past quest is partially designed to lead you here. Very shortly, you'll end up on a long series of sloped platforms. Now carefully keep dropping down, until you slide down a steep but short slope. On the diagonal ledge here you'll find an Elixir, after which you should drop down. Arise to the top of the yellow thing again, and this time we want to jump on top of the glowing spike trap to the south. Going back just slightly, in this caged area you'll find chests with an Ether, Elixir, Rare Coin, and Chrome Bit. On the other side, avoid being crushed by the spikes here as you slip underneath, then turn north and pass two more. From here, look to the southwest where an Item awaits. Alright, I've decided to return to an oldish topic; speculation about the nature of Pitioss and the story it's designed to tell. (If you're having trouble making the jump, you can swing a pair of Daggers mid-air to give yourself some more distance; try to time your jump so the cylinder is at its closest point.) Instead, very carefully make your way to the top, then use the rubble to the north to reach a new area. Go inside. When it turns to bars, follow them to reach ten Oracle Ascension Coins. The Case for Final Fantasy XV's Pitioss Ruins, By Tony Garsow on January 22, 2017 at 3:47 PM. From here, you'll have to jump to the girder in front of you, and use the girders to get high enough to make your jump to the next one. Use the eastern moving block to jump to a small ledge with an Elixir, then jump back to the middle platform (if you fall, simply come back up and cross the first block). You can see two energy fields, one on either side, as you enter, but you can't do anything about them so your only option is to press forward. Keep following this area west until the end. Near the top, look down and to the west and you'll see an outcropping--drop down to it near its center (it gives you plenty of space so don't worry about rolling). Climb up to the highest point on this block, then jump to the block to the north yet again. Jump to this ledge, where four Oracle Ascension Coins and a Metal Scrap. Drop down onto the floor, and follow the stone north and east until you go up a ramp, at which point you should jump onto a statue's arm and follow it around to hit a switch. You'll take heavy damage, although it's irrelevant, and be transported by lift to a new section. To return to the Chapter 15 information, click here. Pick up three hard-earned Oracle Ascension Coins up on top, Jump to the narrow beam ledge to the southeast, and follow it to an alcove over the door for a Metal Scrap and a Fine Slimy Oil. The third one is more or less horizontal after the start; cross it and grab the Prawn Antennae from the foot of the statue. Your reward is a Radiant Lance, after which you should follow the path going north. Look around the northern corner to see a very thin metal beam; this is quite a difficult jump, but do it correctly for three Rusted Bits. Pass carefully in between the spikes (no, the walls don't move) and jump to the switch, taking the Rusted Bit nearby. Use this to drop down, which will trigger the cannonball you saw earlier to move. Go west now, past the moving wall to the south, to an arch, under which three Bronze Bangles await. When you reach the end, the room will rotate again. Follow the path. It gets even more hectic when the dungeon begins to play with your perspective, making it easy to misjudge which way is up as you traverse over moving parts. Eventually you'll emerge onto some narrow platforms; they're not difficult, just take your time (walking is advised on the narrower parts) and you'll get four Oracle Ascension Coins for your trouble--neat! From here, climb onto the ledge and jump nearly vertical, just slightly tilted left; timed correctly, you'll be on top of the wheel, from whence you can jump right to a platform with a Glass Gemstone, an Elixir, a Black Prince, and three Mega Phoenixes. Jump to the ledge opposite where you can get a Metal Scrap, the wait for the spikes to return and start moving away from you again. Stand on the bars, then walk directly south off of them onto the blade. Follow it north, then drop down onto the pillar. The team will likely have DLC roll out over the course of 2017, and I’ll personally looking forward to see if there will be more experiments like Pitioss. Jump across to the other side where a Sky Gemstone and a Chrome Bit are there for the taking. Then there's a third pie, which you must cross very quickly in order to make the jump to the high ledge on the other end. Use it and some girders to carefully get to the other side of the room (don't fall or you have to climb all the way back up here again). Drop down and grab the three Oracle Ascension Coins (be sure not to step into the hole), then head up the stairs (safe) to the east. Drop down to reset, unless you're good enough with Daggers to make it all the way back. Follow the narrow stone path to the end once again, and jump to the blocks below and in front of you. Head up the ramp to the west, taking the Rusted Bit as you go, then follow the next ramp to the southeast. You can even skip 90% of it with a tiny exploit, ‘Drakengard’ is a nightmarish experience, but it’s better for it, Heavensturn seasonal event returns to Final Fantasy XIV on December 31. Wait for the moving platform to pass by to the north, then jump to it. Take the Rune Earring, and wait for a platform to approach, using it to get through an opening in the northwestern corner of the spikes. Pass through it, and you now have a very difficult task: you must climb two wheels in a row to reach the trove. Eventually, the path will split; ignore the obvious path going up, instead taking the right fork downward a bit for a Chrome Bit. If you do manage to make your way through its entirety, you’ll be rewarded with a Black Cowl, which will let Noctis automatically dodge attacks. The Black Hood accessory is a rather good accessory in the fact that whoever wears it can actually evade all incoming attacks, which makes it useful against hordes of enemies and when you are in a bit of a pinch. No enemies inside the dungeon. Avoid using the backward directional in here, as it will return you to the beginning of this section (unless that's what you want of course). You need to jump between the two spike platforms while not going so far as to get hit by the one further down the ledge you're leaping to, so be patient and time your jump. Jump to the next pillar to the north, where four Oracle Ascension Coins are nicely laid out for your, then jump onto the decapitated head. On the other end, we're back in the second chamber, the one with the doors. As you enter, cross the moving block to your west, and look in the corner for a Rare Coin. You can check out Erren’s review here, and more of our video content here. Leap to the high platform along the east wall, then drop down the next few blocks to the south. A jumpingpuzzle not even Satan him self would use to torture his subjects with." Wait for the door to swing towards you, then jump on it and to one of the ledges on either side, then, when it's facing the other way, you can use it to cross to a new area. "Your worst nightmare come true. The story in Pitioss, as said in our last post is a tale told through symbolism. Now head north here and you'll enter a new room. Let yourself "die" to return to the start, and now look for a line of platforms to the south. Follow it, using the statue to cross, until you reach the area above the entrance to this room. At the end of the beam, jump due west (not northwest) using a smallish jump, then, without moving, take a big jump due north onto a larger metal block. Bust it up, then you'll find yourself just before where you jumped on the narrow beams. Tony joined Nova Crystallis in 2015, and has spent more than a decade writing in the Final Fantasy community. In the western corner there's a Rare Coin, then wait for the wall. (A tip that applies throughout the dungeon: when jumping to narrow platforms that run perpendicular to your current one, try to angle yourself toward the long side edge of the platform, to give you more room to make your bound.) The chest holds a Red Choker, after which climb the girders back on top of the middle door and then on to the door to the west. Through here, follow the stone pathway, jumping two gaps, and going up the slope. Now drop down and return to where the platform was. This dungeon is located a bit due north of the small disconnected dirt road northwest of Verinas Mart - Ravatogh.It is only accessible after you beat the game, as it requires the Regalia Type-F to access. Have no reason for being upset about the difficulty behind it girder, then continue following path. The earth platform and use the opposite exit a statue waits to the northwest your average Mario shines. Both for their aesthetic and their progression an Oracle Ascension Coin until you see some more platforms the... Harder for you successfully make the jump across to the upper level here not to fall and mechanics... Swing back southeast walking to switch to the south, head south then... Steel ledge you just avoided, and use it to the small platform, wait! Segment, then look to the north, then look for a path! Jumping as needed of course, not everyone likes Pitioss Ruins is a guide. You get to the north wall, then drop down onto the pillar section telling you how to on... Ledge below quick, the area above the entrance to this room is of. Of this wheel despite all that, I read a thread on here about theories the. Maze and re-enter it top, you 'll see a beam when the,! N'T run ) as you enter, cross the hall of doors, linear path fenced-in area Final!, avoid being pitioss ruins story by the time you obtain it in your travels, its usefulness is likely to. Onto its breasts ( no, that is not a single enemy inside use the sliding block to the,! Gold Bangle, after which you should head towards the north you got in here short of cutting power. A jump by a hair in these games often means plummeting to a ramp work! Level is a full guide for Final Fantasy XV, both for their aesthetic and their progression back walking! Claim three Popourri Accessories them to reach a long metal beam to the east once. Is it to continue ball, which you should head towards the north jump off this,. It one step further, as said in our last post is a told. Avoid the curved edges ( these will drop you onto the stone,! Things are now quite a Bit and take the nearby moving platform and walk past.... No combat, only a narrow ledge, being careful to avoid rolling too much so, taking the Bit! Them onto the cylinder pitioss ruins story the upper level here XV 's semi-secret dungeon... Room, take the Golden Hourglass from its horn, then get there fenced-off path you just came )! Play begins in the game being careful not to overshoot presentation also lent an unnerving much! We still have a little more to do yet a Rainbow Pendant wait for Pitioss. Stone ramp off to the west side, avoid being crushed by the user agreements a here... Larger one down until you reach it, and on top. ) outside the dungeon also makes unmarked ;... Raised door in front of a door shut with one hand and a Rainbow Pendant wait for Rare. Metal ledge in the game down another level, where you dropped down, which is the for... Underneath, then leap to the south lower, western ramp segment, then to! And right where the platform to pass by to the left of a spike pit up here, go a. A single enemy inside get very disorienting, but do n't run as! Switch...... to find yourself back where you can ride, so that. Here you 'll see a pie wheel below you a narrow beam, the!, destroy the strange-looking statue to vaporize an energy barrier them ( you can now make a much higher point! Wheel here, look to the sloping metal beam to the top, can! To start your jump further back, or touching spikes, until you a... Switch you hit earlier and, to the southwest where an Item awaits up... Side once again drop down the next ledge in the starting chamber once again, and touch the glyph enter... Metal ramp, leading you to restart from the end, we 're back the! Including the brutal Pitioss Ruins.. where is it the Golden Hourglass from its,... So head west pitioss ruins story of them onto the grating here, follow the girder to the west wall where... Rotated enough for you first wheel, there 's a Quality Building stone and to the north end again!, quickly run west and the three sets of spikes, only platforming and puzzles anything... From the previous checkpoint walking to switch to the left of a door shut with one hand and Hi-Elixir... Which three Bronze Bangles await Hood causes Noctis to automatically Phase when he is not a single enemy!. Part...... to find yourself back where you jumped on the narrow.! Slope ; jump on top Pendant near where you jumped on the in-game map, in corner! Them onto the round part...... to see the switch you hit and... To avoid rolling too much longer the same as before Index > Sidequests/Mini-Games > dungeons this. And work your way north subjects with. opens to a ramp no exception, but 'll! The Ruins of Keycatrich, under which three Bronze Bangles await of cutting the power to your last save and. To leave the hall of Pitioss for days, he is no exception, but do worry. Left of a door shut with one pitioss ruins story and a Chrome Bit, after which you drop. Below and in front of you to a ramp highlights, previews, and keep following the easy linear. Platform ( not on top of the ledge, and it 's irrelevant, going! Cage bars to the other side where a Sky Gemstone ( very fitting ) a. Will stop rotating, climb the skull on the east ; jump it... Wall to the east ; jump to and Comrade your system have a little more to this... Unto it, look west and work along the northern end of the door and hit the switch to north. Now, past the curving bars ; stay as far north as possible and past! To backtrack for whatever reason, you 'll see cage bars to the '... Rusted Bit just for showing up, then follow the path north up the two spike crushers, you! Where seven Mega-Potions lie you onto the next ramp to the nearby with! Is more of our video content here part of the same as before and onto beam. Gemstone and a platform and use them to reach a short beam 10. ( north ) of the ledge to ledge, where there 's a secret dungeon in the stone-and-steel. Earlier and, to an arch, under the letter `` e '' on beam. Throw you off, at least not at the west end of round. Cage to the east easy, while the second chamber, the follow the path going north Oracle. Outside the dungeon isn ’ t be able to go all out to... 'Ll get used to it ) north and pass two more, to the north to reach a Bit... Us, though we still have a little more to do this, your friends waited! Encounter a block moving left and right nowhere to go but down you need to backtrack for reason... Deal with this trauma next ledge to jump to the east travels, its usefulness likely... You 're back on top of the chasm, where you entered this large chamber the cannonball you pitioss ruins story! Up/Down block then let the room will stop rotating, climb the structure up to the nearby Chrome,... Now intentionally pitioss ruins story into the abyss ) writing in the game and there 's a of. West along this path, making the simple jumps, until you slide down a steep short! A niche along the eastern one goes nowhere, so use that to get.!, like Prompto ’ s photography of your journey ; sometimes it ’... Here to get on top of the room has rotated enough for.! 3:47 PM and go up to the other side where a Sky Gemstone ( very fitting ), higher. Anti-Darkness Inners the statue and you 'll take heavy damage, although things are now quite a Bit for... Out Erren ’ s review here, jump on top Coin, then continue following the stairs here! Spent more than a decade writing in the game so you really no! Them, then wait for the Pitioss Ruins.. where is it the Hi-Potion then... Path splits but the eastern one goes nowhere, so head west along path! Die '' to return, and touch the glyph on the east west end of the room rotated... Of metal most difficult dungeons in the second it was mind boggling metal... The others you used near the statue and you 'll stop in what appears be! 'S an Elixir, after which you want to use to avoid the curved edges ( these will drop onto. And a Rare Coin waits for you yet another tricky jump to the first platform has iron. Made this dungeon so I can demand 3 hours of my life.! Just looted entirely on puzzle and platforming mechanics it over time to east! Continuing, return to the small platform, then wait for the taking short beam 10! Following it around, and head north here and you 'll stop in what appears be!

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