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Bohanec said she had not detected any remorse in Vick’s statement since being released from prison. “She now sleeps in a warm bed in a safe place.” But HSUS was not spending any money in caring for Fay or the vast majority of the dogs rescued from the dog fighting ring. HSUS is also a part of the Keep Antibiotics Working (KAW) coalition, a slick Washington-based PR campaign to end the “inappropriate” use of antibiotics in livestock animals. It demonstrates an overweening arrogance of a type seldom seen.”. Only 1 percent of HSUS’s budget consistent of grants to support pet sheltering. “In the summer, 4-H members put in long hours raising and training animals for county fairs across the country. Shop and help animals today! The Humane Society of the United States. Like Pacelle, these new HSUS hires are all self-described vegans. Instead of waiting for HSUS to come to the state, the farmers organized and lobbied the state legislature to approve a bill that put a farm-friendly measure on the November 2009 ballot. But HSUS ignored this popular mandate and immediately went to work to overturn it. In 2005 Pacelle announced the formation of a new “Animal Protection Litigation Section” within HSUS, dedicated to “the process of researching, preparing, and prosecuting animal protection lawsuits in state and federal court.”. “What separates the HSUS from other animal rights groups,” Cleveland wrote, “is not their philosophy of animal rights and goal of abolishing the use of animals in research, but the tactics and timetable for that abolition.” Cleveland likened it to the difference between a mugger and a con man. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a large left-of-center animal liberation and vegetarianism advocacy nonprofit. Ironically, HSUS’ advocacy of caged-free egg production is flawed on both humane and health grounds. The business reply envelope lists “7 Steps to a Happier Pet.”, A 2003 recruitment mailing also included those “Steps,” as well as free address labels with pastel pictures of dogs and cats. In 1995 the Washington (DC) Humane Society almost closed its animal shelter due to a budget shortfall. HSUS scored one of its biggest victories in California when voters approved Proposition 2 in November 2008. Its international affiliate, Humane Society International, has offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Costa Rica, and Canada. While only about a third of U.S. communities currently participate in the system, the data generated will help create a clearer picture of animal abuse and guide strategies for intervention and enforcement. “Michael Vick approached us and said he wanted to be part of the solution instead of the problem,” said Michael Markarian, CEO of HSUS. According to the shelter’s web site, the money was used to give HSUS animal rights propaganda to grade school teachers. Have questions about volunteering? In 2005, former Compassion Over Killing (COK) president Miyun Park joined HSUS as a staffer in its new “farm animals and sustainable agriculture department.” Around the same time, HSUS hired COK’s other co-founder, Paul Shapiro, as manager of its derogatorily named “Factory Farming Campaign.” COK’s former general counsel Carter Dillard joined shortly afterward, as did vegan doctor and mad-cow-disease scaremonger Michael Greger. HSUS really needs to be called to task for its triple sided hypocrisy. While most local animal shelters are under-funded and unsung, HSUS has accumulated $195 million in assets and built a recognizable brand by capitalizing on the confusion its very name provokes. Other animal rights groups weren’t as forgiving – or perhaps opportunistic – as HSUS. He had no immediate answer but promised to send me the list of good things HSUS does in this state. It includes a huge web of organizations, affiliates, and subsidiaries. The day after NFL quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for operating a dog fighting operation on July 17, 2008, HSUS issued an online fundraising appeal asking people to “… make a special gift to help The Humane Society of the United States care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case … your gift will be put to use right away to care for these dogs.”. Kids Encyclopedia Facts The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), based in Washington, D.C., is an American nonprofit organization that does activism against animal cruelty. “Our mission is to encourage adoption in your neighborhood and throughout the country,” reads another HSUS fundraising appeal. Intentional cruelty to animals is strongly correlated with other crimes, including violence against people. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a radical animal rights group that inaccurately portrays itself as a mainstream animal care organization. This HSUS-financed measure will make it illegal – starting in 2015 – for California farmers to raise egg-laying hens in cages. Read More. There's a good chance at least one of them is in your own community. There is an enormous difference between animal “welfare” organizations, which work for the humane treatment of animals, and animal “rights” organizations, which aim to completely end the use and ownership of animals. Animal Shelters: The terms “humane society” and “SPCA” are generic; shelters using those names are not part of the ASPCA or The Humane Society of the United States. Will you end 2020 by being the hero they need? The Best Friends Animal Society was caring for 22 of the seized pit bulls. One of the more worrisome consequences of this is the group’s relatively unfettered access to U.S. schools. In these recommended teaching tools, sport hunters are called “selective exterminators” and “drunken slobs” who participate in a “blood sport” and a “war on wildlife” with “maniacal attitudes toward killing.” Another teachers’ guide contains anti-circus stories in which animals are repeatedly depicted as overworked and abused. In the spring of 2004, the HSUS board appointed Wayne Pacelle as CEO and president. The organization is run by Cristobel Block and has an annual revenue of $159,191,532. HSUS is a multinational conglomerate with regional staff operating in 33 states and a special Hollywood Office that promotes and monitors the media’s coverage of animal-rights issues. – This is an animal rights view, not an animal welfare view. If there is anyone in the agriculture industry still operating under the illusion that the radical vegans at HSUS like Pacelle can be placated by supposedly humane meat-production, this should put to rest that notion. To put a stop to this pattern of violence, the Humane Society Legislative Fund supported the Pets and Women’s Safety (PAWS) Act, introduced to Congress in 2015 as H.R. But this supposedly professional advice isn’t free. The place is all about power and money. The shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is just the tip of the iceberg—most cases are never reported. By including a gift to the Humane Society of the United States in your estate plans, you create a legacy of support at the HSUS. “Avoid the words ‘animal rights’ and ‘antivivisection’,” McArdle said. Message and data rates may apply. Email: [email protected]. The PAWS Act would give victims of domestic abuse means to escape their abusers while keeping their companion animals safe—many victims remain in abusive households for fear of their pets’ safety. Many experts believe Proposition 2 will destroy the California egg industry, the nation’s fifth largest producer, by driving up costs so high that egg farmers will be forced to flee to other states or Mexico. Thousands of struggling pet shelters — legitimate Humane Societies — could use your help. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. We can help you get started. HSUS president Wayne Pacelle described some of his goals in 2004 for The Washington Post: “We will see the end of wild animals in circus acts … [and we’re] phasing out animals used in research. The HSUS's tax identification number is 53-0225390. Support The Humane Society of the United States when you shop humane society products at The Animal Rescue Site. Data on domestic violence and child abuse cases reveal that a staggering number of animals are targeted by those who abuse their children or spouses. They do this by organizing campaigns to … “4-H has a rich history of livestock care and production,” said King. This coalition, comprised largely of science-deprived environmental groups, claims to worry deeply about antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in people. Arizona Republic columnist Linda Valdez reported that the “cage-free block” at a farm she visited had “twice the mortality rate” of a caged environment. As early as 1988 the group’s mailings demanded that the U.S. government “eliminate altogether the use of animals as research subjects.” In 1986 Washingtonian asked John McArdle about his opinion that brain-dead humans should be substituted for animals in medical research. “If we want to eat, and if we want access to affordable and inexpensive food, it is important for the agricultural community within our state not to be hamstrung,” Strickland told a forum hosted by the Ohio Farm Bureau. for Animal Welfare, Center for Organizational Research and Education. One of Pacelle’s first acts as HSUS’s new chief executive was to send a memo to all HSUS staffers articulating his vision for the future. Cage-free birds also eat more which leads to higher feed costs. The DC government offered a long-term lease, but that wasn’t good enough. Some are nonprofit, tax-exempt “charities,” while others are for-profit taxable corporations, which don’t have to divulge anything about their financial dealings. It’s not doing that. HSUS spends more than $4 million each year on travel expenses alone, just keeping its multi-national agenda going. We work to stop large-scale cruelties such as animal fighting, puppy mills, factory farming and the wildlife trade. KAW doesn’t, however, devote any attention to the rampant over-prescription of the drugs to humans. For instance, one HSUS-affiliated organization called the HSUS Wildlife Land Trust collected $21.1 million between 1998 and 2003. Humane Society of the United States Connecticut Branch Inc. (CT); Humane Society of the United States Virginia Branch Inc. (VA); World Society for the Protection of Animals (MA); World Society for the Protection of Animals – Australia; World Society for the Protection of Animals Executor Services (UK); World Society for the Protection of Animals Trading Company (UK). Animal services officers stay safe with caution and compassion. Not being forthright about the puny amount of money HSUS dedicates to hands-on care is not the only problem with its ad campaigns. It also represented the HSUS philosophy of patiently accumulating small victories in moving toward its overall goal of radically restricting conventional agriculture. Partnership with The Humane Society of the United States We are proud to work with The Humane Society of the United States because of their expertise on illegal animal cruelty and fighting and frequent collaboration with law enforcement in pursuing those crimes. The woman who was caring for Fay stated: “I am rather sad that HSUS has chosen to use Fay (not Faye) in their fund drive. If you are a Humane Society of the United States donor, it's time to reconsider that decision. Facts about U.S. Originally called the National Humane Society, it was established in 1954 as a spin-off of the American Humane Association (AHA). But if someone took up HSUS on that offer and donated $228 over the course of a year, just $1.03 will reach a pet shelter. Surveys suggest that those who intentionally abuse animals are predominantly men under 30, while those involved in animal hoarding are more likely to be women over 60. Along with other heavy hitters like the Fund for Animals and Farm Sanctuary, HSUS scored a big victory in Florida in 2002 when a ballot initiative passed that gave constitutional rights to pregnant pigs. In an August 21, 2009 St. Petersburg Times article, Frankie Hall, director of agriculture policy at the Florida Farm Bureau, said, “I think we’ve got only one hog farmer left with more than 100 sows.”, Florida represented Pacelle’s first major ballot victory to place restrictions on animal confinement methods. So the relatively small pork industry and the urban demographics facilitated HSUS’s ability to sway voters with the simple but inaccurate claim that animals need a place to “stand up, lie down and turn around freely, and fully extend all limbs.”. When HSUS addresses the public they say it is evil but sometimes necessary. The Humane Society of the United States is rated 2 out of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Privacy Policy and An HSUS statement made it sound like this withdrawal of support would hurt the Foreclosure Pets Fund: “We regret they are no longer being given the opportunity in stores to support our work to help animals abandoned in the foreclosure crisis.” The problem, though, is that HSUS discontinued this relief fund in May 2009 – 10 months prior to Pilot Travel Center ending its support. And Pacelle has hired other high-profile, unapologetic meat and dairy “abolitionists” since taking over. That is a mere 0.45 percent of what HSUS spent that year. Contributions to the HSUS are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Buried deep within HSUS’s website is a disclaimer noting that the group “is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies. Advertisement. A dozen conventionally-produced eggs cost about 60 cents, according to Paul Sauder who is a major East Coast egg distributor. An analysis of HSUS’s TV fundraising appeals that ran between January 2009 and September 2011 determined that more than 85 percent of the animals shown were cats and dogs. In 2012, HSUS made $10.1 million in grants–but most of that money went to affiliate groups that HSUS controls. Until 1995 HSUS also controlled the Humane Society of Canada (HSC), which Paul Irwin (HSUS president from 1996 to 2004) had founded four years earlier. However, other animal groups didn’t agree with HSUS’s euthanasia recommendation. Along with Pacelle’s passionate style and his experience navigating the halls of Congress, HSUS got its first strictly vegan leader. The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration. Brace yourself then, because it gets worse. Dr. James McWilliams – an outspoken critic of modern agriculture – says even critics of conventional farming have to admit that it has made meat safer to eat. Obviously, these eggs have to be cleaned. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was established as the National Humane Society in 1954 by Fred Myers and a group of former members of the American Humane Association (AHA), a nonprofit organizationthat aims to support public policies that protect children and animals. This misdirection results in an irony of which most animal lovers are unaware: HSUS raises enough money to finance animal shelters in every single state, with money to spare, yet it doesn’t operate a single one anywhere. While the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) does work to support local animal shelters-- and dogs and cats -- its work encompasses much more than that.The motto of the HSUS is "Celebrating Animals, Confronting … 2.

Ironically, HSUS’ advocacy of caged-free egg production is flawed on both humane and health grounds. Shortly after taking office, Pacelle announced a merger with the $20 million Fund For Animals. Headquarters of the HSUS are in Washington, D.C. Alice Morgan Wright-Edith Goode Fund (DC); Center for the Respect of Life and Environment (DC); Charlotte and William Parks Foundation for Animal Welfare (DC); Conservation Endowment Fund (see ICEC) (CA); Earthkind UK [ also affiliated with the International Fund for Animal Welfare]; HSUS Hollywood Office (formerly The Ark Trust Inc.) (CA); Humane Society International (DC), which also operates. the Conservation Endowment Fund in California; Humane Society International Australian Office Inc.; Humane Society International of Latin America; Humane Society of the United States (DE); Humane Society of the United States (MD); Humane Society of the United States (MT); Humane Society of the United States (PA); Humane Society of the United States (VT); Humane Society of the United States California Branch Inc. (CA); Humane Society of the United States New Jersey Branch Inc. (NJ); Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (DC); Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (KS); Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust (OK); Humane Society of the United States Utah State Branch (UT); Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. In March 2010, the National Headquarters allowed HSUS to lead a session, entitled “Animal Instincts: Service Learning and Animal Welfare,” at the National 4-H Conference. We would be foolish and silly not to unite with people in the public health sector, the environmental community, [and] unions, to try to challenge corporate agriculture. John Hoyt, HSUS president from 1970 to 1996, explained the shift in 1991, telling National Journal, “PETA successfully stole the spotlight … Groups like ours that have plugged along with a larger staff, a larger constituency … have been ignored.” Hoyt agreed that PETA’s net effect within the animal-rights movement was to spur more moderate groups to take tougher stances in order to attract donations from the public. … but suffering animals don’t know that. News about Humane Society of the United States, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Through its National Association for Humane and Environmental Education, as well as a series of animal-rights-oriented publications, HSUS spreads animal-rights propaganda to schoolchildren as young as five. In addition to the HSUS flagship offices in Maryland and DC, the organization’s global network includes control over the following legal corporations (this list is evolving as new information becomes available): Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is connected to the following people: [T]he Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies … The HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter. The words “humane society” may appear on its letterhead, but HSUS is not affiliated with your local animal shelter. HSUS’s new “campaigns section,” Pacelle wrote, “will focus on farm animals.” For Americans accustomed to eating meat, eggs, and dairy foods, the thought of an animal rights group with a budget three times the size of PETA’s targeting their food choices should be unsettling. © 2020, Center for Organizational Research and Education. On November 3, HSUS experienced its first significant setback in its ballot initiative campaign when Ohioans voted for Issue 2 by a resounding 64 to 36 percent. The Humane Society of the United States is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Dogfighting, cockfighting and other forms of organized animal cruelty go hand in hand with other crimes, and continues in many areas of the United States due to public corruption. “HSUS was the financial clout that rammed Initiative 713, the anti-trapping measure, down our throats,” reports Rich Landers of the Spokane (WA) Spokesman-Review. Activist Facts is committed to accuracy. Ohio Democratic Governor Ted Strickland and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich declared their opposition to HSUS’s proposed ballot measure. After a vote was taken at the group’s San Francisco national conference, it was formally resolved that HSUS would “pursue on all fronts … the clear articulation and establishment of the rights of all animals … within the full range of American life and culture.”, In Animal Rights and Human Obligations, the published proceedings of this conference, HSUS stated unequivocally that “there is no rational basis for maintaining a moral distinction between the treatment of humans and other animals.” It’s no surprise, then, that a 2003 HSUS fundraising mailer boasted that the group has been working toward “putting an end to killing animals for nearly half a century.”, In 1986 John McArdle, then-HSUS’s Director of Laboratory Animal Welfare, told Washingtonian magazine that HSUS was “definitely shifting in the direction of animal rights faster than anyone would realize from our literature.”.

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