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Find Afghan Hound Puppies and Dogs for Adoption Today! The Canadian Kennel Club is a national, member-based non-profit organization, incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada. The terms and conditions of employment are strictly between the service provider and the user of said service. If a [person] be great even his dog will wear a proud look. It provides registry services for all purebred dogs it officially recognizes. Her latest Afghan Hounds are Sabar, a rescue from NEAHR, and Ghisa, Waru-Shah's Ghislaine Setareh, both of which she lure courses and races and competes in conformations shows with Ghisa. Many of Afghan Hounds are almost white, while some are white with islands of red or black.They usually have shorter-haired saddle on its back, special features of The fine-textured and long coat Afghan Hounds. He bonds well with his family but is best in a household with older children. The Afghan Hound is one of the most elegant dog breeds. Leamington, ON N8H 3V7, Canada (519) 322-4474 (519) 322-4474. Morgan's Market. Start early! Afghan Hound Club of Canada Rescue National Rescue Chairperson Lynn Woods Contact National Rescue: Disclaimer. From shop Macalania. However active he may be, an Afghan will adapt quite well to the life of a couch potato. Look at pictures of Afghan Hound puppies who need a home. The number one source for breeders of Afghan Hounds in Canada. All Afghan Hound found here are from AKC-Registered parents. provides a central registry of Canadian dog breeders, handlers, trainers, groomers, and boarding kennels and does not recommend any one of these individuals over another. Afghan Hounds are sensitive and require gentle training and attention. It is an ancient, aristocratic, beautiful dog. Accuracy of information and claims made in any advertisement are the sole responsibility of the advertiser and cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. Find the perfect Afghan Hound puppy for sale at Worldwide Afghan Hound Rescue Organizations. This dog exudes dignity and aloofness and is perhaps the aristocrat of the dog world. In the late 1800s, British soldiers in Afghanistan found the breed and brought it back to England where it was first shown as the “Oriental Greyhound”. Although reserved in temperament, he is also lively, active, and can be mischievous. Although the Afghan Hound was ‘discovered’ in Afghanistan, he is believed to have originated in Arabia and Persia. We would appreciate your assistance with any Afghan Hounds in need of rescue. Willow Afghan Hound Rescue, Ottawa, ON. Afghan hounds were originally used for hunting in the mountains of Afghanistan. Afghan Hounds were unknown in the West prior to the 20th century. Dedicated to the open access of pedigrees of Afghan Hounds. Clari & Jill have both awarded CC’s in Afghan Hounds on many occasions, and Jill enjoys judging other hound breeds, especially Saluki, Whippet & Dachshund breeds. California, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to rescue stray, abandoned, relinquished and/ or impounded Afghan Hounds. We are registered non-profit LLC with the State of Colorado and have received our IRS 501c(3) status. Noseprints were used by the CKC for identification until the invention of the tattoo. The Afghan Hound, a member of the Sighthound family, is an aristocrat with a proud and dignified look. Afghan Hound Origin ... Afghan Hound Club Of Canada Read more lire la suite. They need regular brushing and considerable care. You should count on a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour per day. Consistency is the key. (function(d, s, id) { Swift and agile, the Afghan is capable of covering rocky terrain with ease. People often ask me why I chose the Afghan Hound, and the answer is that the Afghan Hound chose me! Canadian Sighthound Field Association Metro Valley Afghan Hound Association Vancouver Island Afghan Hound AssociationAspen Grove Sighthound Association, Afghan Hound Club of Canada RescueNational Rescue ChairpersonLynn WoodsContact National Rescue:document.getElementById("eeb-584154-712522").innerHTML = eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%72%65%73%63%75%65%40%61%68%63%63%2e%63%61%27"))*protected email*. Giving Tuesday - You Are Their Last Best Hope China wildlife crime prosecutions up sharply after COVID-19 outbreak Interpol operation results in 700 arrests and > 2, 000 seizures, including > 45, 000 live animals Contact Ontario Afghan Hound breeders near you using our free Afghan Hound breeder search tool below! Perhaps his most remarkable feature is his abundant, flowing coat. Florida Afghan Hound Rescue. js.src = "//"; Afghan Hound puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Afghan Hound Rescue of So. Rescue & Re-homing. A dignified aristocrat, he is an independent thinker. VINTAGE Afghan dog brooch pin Large sterling silver dog brooch Afghan hound dog Afghan rescue memorial statement brooch vintage dog jewelry Macalania. Find an Afghan Hound breeder. He should have a well fenced area to run around in. The coat may be any color but be prepared – it requires hours of grooming each week to keep it in top shape. Anything Look…Weird? Photos displayed courtesy of Doug and Avery Gaudin, Obiwan, Ontario. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Alert and agile, and possessing a high activity level, the Afghan needs lots of outdoor exercise. Find Afghan Hound dogs and puppies from North Carolina breeders. Why buy an Afghan Hound puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The Afghan Hound stands up to 28 inches (72 cm) tall at the shoulder and weighs about 60 pounds (27 kg). We love this breed. Afghan Hound rehoming & adoption services - USA & Canada. reserves the right to refuse listings at its sole discretion. The breed was first discovered on the border country between Afghanistan and India. The Afghan Hound can be difficult to find, which is why we are so happy that we can bring all of the good qualities of the breed with our Pooghan crossbreeds at an affordable price. reserves the right to refuse listings at its sole discretion. Find Afghan Hound Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Afghan Hound information. Select your province or territory:    BC   AB   SK   MB   ON   QC   NB   NS   PE   NL   YT   NT   NV, Doug and Avery GaudinObiwan715362 Oxford Road 4, RR#5Woodstock, ON N4S 7V9(519) 537-7211Email: (function(){var ml="4rc%tmyg.pi0Tsode",mi="<:?69@430;1>7@1=82>5",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j

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