Brooke’s Smile Reveal

More Quotes

This was a wonderful course that truly opened my eyes as to how to offer my patients an excellent esthetic treatment option that is conservative to the teeth.
~ Dr. Brian Dolberg

Eye-opening and exciting.
~ Dr. Joe Weber

The level and depth of knowledge presented was beyond my expectations. Dr. Wells’…truthfulness and candor were greatly appreciated.
~ Dr. John Kakales

What an eye-opener! Cases that I did not want to treat previously because I thought traditional veneers would be too aggressive – I now have a great solution!
~ Dr. Rich Cordano

Dr. Wells…is a true pioneer in prepless veneers.
~ Dr. Al Davenport

This course opened my yes to esthetic prepless veneers. Using these techniques will open up a whole new market of dentistry. Dr. Wells’ innovation is leading us forward to less invasive…dentistry. I am excited to go home and get started.
~ Dr. Alvin Neff

I was amazed at the amount of knowledge shared throughout the weekend! I loved being able to see an actual case.
~ Dr. Beth Kakales

You made me a believer. Best course I have ever taken! REALLY! Every dentist who does veneers needs to take this course.
~ Dr. Bill Dorfman

Thanks for all the hard work and commitment to a higher purpose.
~ Dr. David O. Marks

Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have become anything in life, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” I am proud to say that my giants are Hornbrook, Kois, and now Dennis Wells.
~ Dr. David Parker

The No-Prep Veneer technique has enhanced my excitement for cosmetic dentistry!
~ Dr. David Thompson

Dr. Wells’ enthusiasm and manner makes for an inspiring presentation.
~ Dr. David Thompson

Fantastic course for minimally invasive dentistry.
~ Dr. Fred Peck

I came to the course as a skeptic and critic… I leave this course as a big fan of “no-prep” veneers. Dennis and Mark have proven to me beyond a doubt that these restorations can be highly esthetic.”
~ Dr. Gary Radz

I used to think I was a conservative cosmetic dentist. This weekend was a true paradigm shift. I’m truly excited about going to work Monday and finding my first DRAthin case.
~ Dr. Gary Radz

I came to Dennis’ course with high expectations and he and Mark and the rest of the No-Prep Veneer team exceeded all of them! I can’t wait to get back to the office to start NOT prepping!!
~ Dr. Gerilyn Alfe

This is the future of cosmetic dentistry!
~ Dr. Gordon West

Dennis is a humble master of dentistry who empowers us to pursue excellence for our patients. The No-Prep Veneer concepts will truly leave their mark and his legacy in dentistry.
~ Dr. Gregg May

Wow! Dennis and Mark have created an amazing platform to give patients the best of all worlds– beauty, believability, and no risk. What a huge contribution to dentistry and the consumer!
~ Dr. Hugh Flax

Great course! I’m excited that I can improve my dentistry by doing LESS!
~ Dr. Jim Moran

What a great experience and investment.
~ Dr. Jodi Rump

You hit a home run with me. Every case evaluation will be different from now on with this terrific option.
~ Dr. Joe Harris

This was first-class advanced C.E. Dr. Wells has proven that unrivaled esthetics are possible with NO prep.
~ Dr. Joe Harris

This course was invigorating and fun. It was an honor to be part of such a distinguished group.
~ Dr. Marc Alber

When I go back to my office …I’m going to be a better dentist. This may be the finest cosmetic course I have ever attended!
~ Dr. Mike Konrad

Really enjoyed the course; I’ve been waiting for something as conservative and aesthetic as this!
~ Dr. Myrna Domoney

The lecture and live demonstration made for easy understanding and picturing what is going on. The open forum discussions with each other were excellent and made for easy sharing of information.
~ Dr. Rand Waldron

The quality of the course and passion of Dr. Wells about conservative dentistry was amazing. I can definitely use on Monday the concepts I’ve learned this weekend.
~ Dr. Randall Deaton

I have been doing conventional veneers for 20+ years. I now have the knowledge, confidence, and world-class lab support to do more conservative dentistry.
~ Dr. Ron Richardson

It was a wonderful, thorough course. Thanks to you…I feel excited and prepared.
~ Dr. Steve White

Dennis is so approachable and willing to assure the understanding of each person in his course.
~ Dr. Steve White

Great course. Well worth the trip across the Atlantic!
~ Dr. Thang Nghiem (London)

It is so exciting to be on the cutting edge of a new development in dentistry that has the potential to change our lives and the lives of our patients.
~ Dr. Vicki Frey