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The traditional version is also referred to as a double spinebuster / double front slam as the action of lifting an opponent up and throwing them down are much the same, though the spinebuster, and front slam are more common on a charging opponent. While one wrestler slams an opponent and spreads their legs apart the other wrestler would climb the turnbuckle and perform a diving headbutt into the opponent's groin. Another reference, also known as stereo DDTs, sees two wrestlers performing a DDT on two different people at the same time. The first attacking wrestler then holds the opponent at the apex of the powerbomb while the second dives off the top rope and impacts the opponent with an aerial attack, driving the opponent backwards and completing the partner's powerbomb with added force. This has been famously referred to as the "Tower of Doom". This move sees one wrestler wrap a forward-facing opponent's legs around their waist and apply a gutwrench hold to lift the opponent off the ground. The spear is not the most technical move. This elevated neckbreaker is performed when one attacking wrestler stands facing a bent-over opponent and seizes the opponent around the waist, flipping them over as in a suplex up onto another wrestler's shoulders, leaving them in a prone powerbomb position. Here are the 20 greatest tag team finishers of all time based upon their impact, legacy, or how cool they are. But their stories aren't over. The most common suplexes used for this double team move are the snap and vertical variations, in which the wrestlers apply a front face lock to the opponent, draping the opponent’s near arm over their respective shoulders. A one-person version involves leaping off one or more chairs instead of a partner. It is quite a versatile move. Bring it back y'all, bring it back y'all, bring it back, here we go! Randy Orton's RKO and Stone Cold Steve Austin's stunner could end a match at any time. Just in case you were not aware, New Day does indeed rock. From there the first partner stands up and jumps forward, powerbombing the opponent from the second rope down to the ring. ; two person simultaneous chokeslams) which can also be referred to as stereo chokeslams. Which was your favorite? At this point the wrestlers will either pull their own legs back and kick them forward, quickly slamming them to the ground to build momentum to fall backwards and flip the opponent over them, so they all land on their backs for a double snap suplex. Seriously, it was called the Iron Claw and it was just like a face squeeze. This move is not to be confused with a superplex, which is a suplex from the top turnbuckle. Santana & Ortiz is an American professional wrestling tag team. The reverse and forward versions of the moves can be used as well. This move can see more than one opponent be headlocked, using the wrestlers free arms, to become a seemingly indefinite line of wrestlers and opponents all linked together. One wrestler would apply a bear hug while the other wrestler executed a superkick to the face of the opponent. Certain attacks can also be timed so that, instead of hitting the opponent at the apex of the move, they can impact at the exact moment the powerbomb impacts the opponent on the floor. reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) use a version in which instead of a spinning heel kick, Fish uses a high knee called the "Flying Fish Hook", while Roderick Strong performs a running single leg dropkick called the "Sick Kick" while teaming up with O'Reilly. Both wrestlers stand facing a standing opponent. From this position the wrestlers can lift the opponent up into the air and drop them onto the mat, or lift the opponent up and drop to a kneeling position so that the opponent drops onto their knees. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! As the opponent is lifted off the ground up into the apex of the throw, the second wrestler dives off the turnbuckle and performs a diving bulldog on that same opponent, forcing their head down into the mat. Last night (Aug. 14) on NXT Tyler Breeze and Fandango got the win over The Forgotten Sons. This was the finishing move of the tag team known as Power and Glory (Hercules Hernandez and Paul Roma). With an opponent kept up in an elevated position by one wrestler, another wrestler has chance to drop the opponent into any type of jawbreaker from a raised height. A throw in which two wrestlers both suplex one opponent at the same time is called double suplex. It involves picking someone up and suplexing them. Hercules would take an opponent and sit him on the top turnbuckle (as to set up a superplex) near his partner Roma. In a double vertical suplex, the move is the same except that when the opponent is in position, they are lifted and held upside-down before the wrestlers fall backwards. The Bushwhackers are a professional wrestling tag team who competed first as the New Zealand Kiwis and then as The Sheepherders during their 36-year career as a tag team.

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