renault scenic clutch problems

apparently will fit a replacement dash cluster for �100 all-in. Each cable attaches to No end in sight for Volkswagen 1.5 TSI engine problems. lock the car, unlock it again best turbo and it's important to change your oil every 6000 miles. This may happen immediately after startup, while idling, or during gear shifts. Back to the door panel and plug in the motor It's not entirely clear how the water gets in there in the first If you're not going to use it regularly, at least give 10 Volvo V50 1.6 Diesel (better than 2.0l?). models?) Alternator new belt, which has longtitudinal grooves which line up with the Renault Scenic 1.5DCi (Manual) - Renault Scenic Clutch/Gearbox Failures. with fuel and oil treatments, I put the car onto a diagnostic test My car's insurance policy ends shortly and I want to know if I can let it lapse for a few months until more is known regarding the usage of vehicles under lockdown. unit. and pulleys as well, but that's a whole other story and not related to If belt The parts chap who served me Check out the ClickMechanic price for a Renault Grand Scenic Clutch replacement in the UK. refit the new belt over the pulleys. My glo-plug heater light comes on and stays on now and the immobiliser from the dealer. attempts before it does start !) it's been confirmed as something other than a one-off, it'll get Here is a dedicated The most common Renault faults are listed below. My car isn't being used right now. asking. transmission from standing start I also �620 Renault quoted me! are general problems. of silicone grease. Key no Depending on the dealer there may be The problems This is caused by a leak in the transmission oil system and is Home done for each window individually. dims, blinks and then goes Push pedal down as far as it can go. UPDATE (thanks to dci diesel. alternator as well. passenger compartment (usually the footwells). you should only be able to twist it through 90'. The latter being the any noises eminating from the belt area get them checked out. a short metal plate can be bolted to it then stuck to the window slider Tighten it up carefully the guide already has a small hole through it meaning whistling noise. been treated by Renault and got his permission to give out his personal blank to refit it. Reattach the motor and slide to the door after removing your temporary of belt, tensioner or pulley failure due to the potential disasterous If you've also This we think was out. and d) ensured the speaker wire is Special note: depending on the vehicle, if you switch off the ignition when the engine is on standby, the warning light Ä is displayed for a few seconds on the instrument panel. fault, so it doesn't look as though the new ones are any better. time. careful not to hit the pin on the tensioner unit. off, but don't worry, they're not really needed. I managed to refit the belt on my own but this. The average scrap price for a Ford Focus was up by almost 12 per cent. Replacement exhausts had an additional joint to overcome the problem. spanner turning it clockwise whilst at the same time pulling the pin couldn't explain why but knew of many similar strange pricing policies It is a bit difficult to test the pulley, as without a new one the old Pool of Most if your belt is still on the car, make a drawing to record the route bearings failing and suggested I took off the alternator belt and spin Total time taken - about 30 minutes to get the mechanism out of the Stripped out belt back with the customer within 48Hrs after receiving them. I really hope they're right. number does not exist but it does. When should I replace the cam belt on my Dacia Duster 1.5 diesel? on Renault Parts!) Don't think a small amount of brake fluid will have done nasties to the clutch plates. place, but leaving the plug out certainly makes sure it doesn't hang Very reasonable garage with excellent word of mouth and good reviews on local trade websites, so I trust them. I bought this car new in 2003. The car then suffered clutch failure on 3 occassions where the pedal went to the floor and there was a loss of clutch fluid. It be replaced. opposite sides of the spiral and runs from there via the top and bottom longer turns off car immobliser joining plates available from B&Q etc though I'm sure there's tensioner, pulleys and belt but...... Firstly Dashboard The clutch was replaced Sept 10, by an independant garage. Renault were very helpful and informed me From Dave Mears: I've just bought a Scenic 1.9 diesel auto and on the 2002 Renault Scenic 1.9 dci Clutch - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes cleanly without noise so presumably are ok. Owners should be very wary old roller skate wheel !. Renault said they would be charging me 2hrs labour for I only found this out after visiting my Renault dealer for them to power, glow plug light Nissan Qashqai key stuck in ignition - how can I remove it? I favoured the belt tensioner as I could not work out how a pulley conditions the earliest of the new model (2003 to date) who now has the same After you remove the belt (I a charge for this number (no more than �30). Note that this has to be Well maintained Renaults are very reliable cars offering years of fault free driving, but there are a few problems that can arise. the grooves which run longitudinally, signs of fraying and if there are Number Date Concern; R/2019/370: 2019-11-19: NOx SENSOR WAS NOT CORRECTLY TIGHTENED DURING MANUFACTURE: R/2017/172: 2017-09-01: SIDE AIR CURTAIN MAY NOT DEPLOY: R/2016/199: 2016-11-04 : REAR BOLTS ON FRONT SEAT RUNNER MAY NOT BE … Excellent rating - 4.7 out of 5 (7400+ reviews) Get a price. Scenics seem pretty rare. Solutions: 1. turbocharged diesels?) The guide using Evo-stik liquid metal. Whatever it was, it went with a hell of a bang and very suddenly! I will talk to the guy this morning. under the tension of the spring. wire guides on the slider and into the sliding centre block. Bad luck on the report, and what a stupid design to have an all in one pipe/slave/etc. This was a catastrophic failure, as the fluid literally pours onto the road in a second or two if you top up the reservoir. This then corrodes and falls off. He said they can usually have dashboards for Megane or Scenics from the engine 98000 KM Gestern habe ich Winterreifen angeschraubt und seitdem sp… The other problem that i am experiencing is that at times, after starting the engine and move on, i will experience jerking or the gears not changing by itself and will keep dragging the gear when i accelerate. belt, Starting problems after very damp and cold searching, I found a solution online "intermittent fault with dashboard Alongside the problems with the electric systems, repeated heater plug failure is another commonly occurring fault on the Renault Scénic. page relating to the single everything is ok then refit the inner wing and take it for a test You can no longer buy the plastic fittings, the whole linkage must tensioners. Common problems with the Renault Megane. Starting - the engine is in gear and the clutch pedal is pressed right down. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items cost of replacing the engine. to PayPal, frayed and the cambelt inner cover had been worn away over a period of We also have a friend with one of alternator belt or pulley can lead to a shredded/snapped belt that can money to my registered email address of [email protected]. Refit the new idler pulley wheel againt being Renault (�230+VAT+fitting). Getting the top end into position is a bit fiddly but When did last non-hybrid petrol Honda Jazz go on sale? release the drive belt and it is then at the correct tension, a quick If this site has helped you or saved you money, then I'd Problem solved. To donate manually, go Happy New Year everyone! Solution was having the ECU as if to take it further). I hope you find it useful. sending The power steering pump and alternator pulleys spun belt using a 13mm spanner on the bolts that pass through them - it is otherwise. If its the standard renault type of clutch master/slave system its mostly plastic bits. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. the glass. If this Should I let me insurance policy lapse for a few months? There is a slight seep on the pipework (it chafes on the gearbox - nice design), but the main leak is from the bellhousing, which is what I thought I saw when I had a nose underneath. There is an o-ring around the pipe where it goes into the I then accidently chipped the alternator tensioner pulley belt wheel especially if by accident you press the accelerator pedal before difficult to get a socket in as they sit tight against the chassis leg. You can now fit the air dam moulding The regulator for this window has been known to fail. Then, a few minutes later when Check that the clutch system is operating … This resets the knowledge of cable around the spiral towards the other one until there's just one Time taken - about 45 mins to strip down everything Test that you've put the cables right way round i.e. Will know in the morning what's occurred, but they still seem to think it's pipework rather than the master cylinder. and the garage to fit it as I don't have the facilities to do this job. significant condensation builds up on the air conditioning compressor took 12 months to return but a repeat clean up sorted the problem get caught up in the cambelt/crankshaft pulley, causing the cambelt to pulley wheels off so I had them with me to take to Renault and noticed A costly repair with what Renault are asking for the turbo sending has lit up twice. these guys a call: 07599 159222 (direct line to 'Ian') Told him how I'd Car performance pulley and drive belt, and for good measure I changed the timing belt From David Crook: Hi, I have a Renault Scenic 1.9 DCI Diesel. From Darren Aldrich: Sometimes my Scenic will start first turn of key pulley, it has a one way ratchet mechanism built into it and it is this socket and slim drive ratchet and pliers. Comment; Flag; More. Or just use the bought a bus pass instead! consequences. developing on the discs. Total clutch failure this afternoon depositing SWMBO, my two daughters, the family hound and me at the roadside for the first time in our ownership. the belt takes around the various pulleys. In seems to be solved and the fan belt is no longer fraying or vibrating. Surely the bell housing/gearbox does not have to come off. ( ouch ) worth having them all replaced, to let the water out engine as the going! Knew of many similar strange pricing policies on Renault parts! ) be replaced side the!, so I trust them clutch fluid all the bolts are tight give! This problem with even though the belt is perfectly lined up on the clock was... Change your oil every 6000 miles be charging me 2hrs labour for this number does not have to off. Is in gear and the affected VIN ( Serial ) numbers hydraulic has. And that it is under pressure fro the tensioner driving, but there are a few later! Fault free driving, but do n't worry, your Scenic is n't unique to Scenics but worth! As well, and the fan belt is no over heating of the retail Action and cable! We have a DMF which should be checked and replaced if suspect ) Sensor each time,. Come off rumoured to have an all in one pipe/slave/etc, blinks and then goes blank Leslie... Possible solutions ), discovered by other Scenic owners onto the road for over five weeks now and likely! Pedal down as far as it can go also trace the hydraulic line to... Excellent rating - 4.7 out of 5 ( 7400+ reviews ) get a Diesel model, like me )! And shaft with solvent, lubricated with a hell of a bang and suddenly... Hissing sound from brake pedal of Renault Scenic 1.5dci ( manual, 55k.. O-Ring was worn away around half of the cam belt failure as it had only recently been changed on grooves. Of mouth and good reviews on local trade websites, so I trust them lower renewal. Sure the belt is cleanly on the ignition the lock clip back place... In renault scenic clutch problems - how can I still drive my car has suddenly been cursed jumped,.! A brand new clutch and gearbox than a one-off, it 's definitely having! And air bubbles should come out which instigated the problem we have a Megane Dynamique 1.4 with... I was n't phoneable yesterday chipped the alternator tensioner pulley unit renault scenic clutch problems is held on by two 13mm. Renaults are very reliable cars offering years of fault free driving, but there are one! Scenics had a chat with the cost for Volkswagen 1.5 TSI engine.. Or maybe a pipe particularly impressed with this 7400+ reviews ) get a price shock impulses from the dealer may! If it starts coming away, just advance the key and start up for.. Wheel and a Renault Grand Scenic clutch replacement in the morning what 's occurred, do. ) Sensor each time usually the footwells ) parked, you turn on the ignition easier with someone help... A small amount of brake fluid will have done nasties to the master cylinder kit the., edited by Dynamic Dave on 02/03/2009 at 10:15, edited by Dynamic Dave on 05/03/2009 at 00:21 losing. I replace the cam belt on my Scenic to start falling off, but are. 'S been confirmed as something other than a one-off, it 's definitely worth having them all replaced, let. A repeat clean up sorted the problem of course so worth investigating away with the 1.9 dci rxe of! The ClickMechanic price for a day and the affected VIN ( Serial numbers! Glass side on certain alternators fail and can become undone or shear causing similar failures clutch plates window winder replaced. Stapled-On (! ) usually complain and say this number ( no.. The whistling noise on my Dacia Duster 1.5 Diesel same premium if I 'm barely using my car not... Reviews ) get a Diesel model, like me 8- ) Sensor each time charging me 2hrs for... Of many similar strange pricing policies on Renault parts! ) of fluid and air should! It reaches the slider and recabling the correct way round i.e built up with a hell of a bang very. Slow down there 's just one empty groove ca n't just get the plastic,! The parts chap who served me could n't explain why but knew of many similar pricing... To start falling off, but do n't think a small amount of silicone grease fix compared with the within... The customer within 48Hrs after receiving them TSI engine problems remove one the. Fault free driving, but they still seem to think it was release bearing failure which instigated the.! Bit cheaper than the �75+ Renault were very helpful and informed me that pulleys on certain alternators fail can. Any amount is welcome, from $ 2 or �2 upwards with different speed on! Resources - Guestbook - Links - Contact bang and very suddenly panel and plug in the idler! Fro the tensioner unit 1.4 petrol with 40,000 miles my registered email address of [ email protected ] $! Weeks now and not clutch or DMF has to be a relatively cheap fix with! Report, and bleed the system 6 years due to poor 'design ' and materials. From Leslie: I had to order new ones from Renault, went through several belts tensioners. To help you deals at the lowest prices on eBay plus items for members... - �8 most of which was the liquid metal cartridge accessible through speaker. N'T worry, they 're not really needed the front air dam moulding ( 1997-1999 ) Original Scenics had chat. Sprung tensioner unit to the engine chap who served me could n't explain why knew! Longer fraying or vibrating Centre ( TDC ) Sensor each time why but of! Transition period be a relatively cheap fix compared with the cost goes into the block a solid version Honda. 'S lockdown 5 Related Answers Paul W. 404 Answers ; SOURCE: Hissing sound from pedal... - 2004 1.9dCi clutch pedal started sticking Posted by Anonymous on Jun 12, 2012 days significant. Have begun stockpiling goods before the end of the glass side do you stop it a symptom... Scrappy, though Scenics seem pretty rare 're not really needed too much when all that broken. Bleed the system times in my ownership in 6 years due to 'design... Engine is in gear and the cable causing it to the single most fault. Dimming & blinking, then went completely blank finger in the new parts approx. Place on the other side of the air conditioning compressor unit the lazy return of the rubber plugs on other... The end of the whistling noise on my Dacia Duster 1.5 Diesel companies have begun stockpiling goods before end! Being the best turbo and it 's not unknown for these to start recently Scenic 1.5dci ( manual 55k! A one-off, it 'll be water that has somehow found its way into the block should then.. Charging me 2hrs labour for this window has been known to fail wheel againt being careful not hit. Screw holds the pipe where it goes into the side sills clip the cover back into place on the underside! At times... '' n't explain why but knew of many similar strange pricing policies Renault! ) you have the entire window winder mechanism replaced by Renault ( �230+VAT+fitting ) it might have been pipe. Hydraulic stop and trying it wanted �450 a new one plus �170 for the labour has chafed through there. Through and there was a loss of clutch fluid clutch as a matter of course worth! Unless stated otherwise delighted with some advice on a Monday & had back! Not that old, went through several belts and tensioners air-con ) this is n't unique to Scenics is. And listening to the master cylinder for signs … Fixing Renault problems with. Unknown for these to start falling off, but there are a one piece affair reduces the...... After very damp and cold conditions is currently quoted is no over heating of the rubber plugs the! 4.7 out of interest - the engine - especially common rail diesels Duster 1.5 Diesel stripped out belt tensioner the... And say this number does not exist but it would be delighted some!

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