chinga tu madre

: "a pubic hair"[c]), according to the Chicano poet José Antonio Burciaga, "basically describes someone who is stupid or does something stupid. Tocarse los cojones/los huevos/las pelotas/las peras (lit. "meat drill"), "cíclope llorón" (lit. [37], Polla (lit. to ¡Qué tipa pendeja! : the use of wings to fly. NO A ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO. : the "jack" or a "knave" in a Western deck of cards) is used in Mexico and the southwestern United States, usually pejoratively, in reference to an over-sexed male. In Mexico and the Philippines, panocha (or panoche) refers generally to sweet breads or cakes, or, more specifically, to a raw, coarse form of sugar produced there. In Argentina and Uruguay, "ojete" and also its synonyms culo and orto can all be used to mean "good luck": "¡Qué ojete tiene ese tipo!" Caca is a mild word used mostly by children, loosely comparable to the English "poop" or "doo-doo." "¿Puras Groserías? Chucha[25]/¡Chuchamadre! In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic comemierda refers solely to a snobbish person, while in Panama it refers to someone who is both snobbish and mean and/or hypocritical. With Spanish being a grammatically-gendered language, one's sexuality can be challenged with a gender-inapproriate adjective, much as in English one might refer to a flamboyant man or a transgender man as her. For example, "Hay que tener cojones para hacer eso" ("it takes cojones to do that"). It can be profane in Mexico, where there is a cultural taboo against matriarchal families (because of associations with pagan witchcraft). In Mexico and some countries in Central America, especially El Salvador, una pendejada/pendeja is used to describe something incredibly stupid that someone has done. Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. Paragons of this taxon include stupid people unaware of their own stupidity or unwilling to accept the consequences thereof, people with an ostensible lack of self-criticism, people unable to realize their own limitations, people who engage in repeated self-defeating behavior, and even a category which is seldom captured in languages other than European Spanish—to wit, people characterized by self-aware idiocy or incompetence, with this self-awareness occasionally stressed to the point of (presumably futile) complacency.[a]. In Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Panama it also means to make a big mistake or damage something i.e. However, it is more common to use "de cojones" as a superlative, as in Es bajo de cojones ("He's short as hell" or "He's short as fuck"). Concha can also mean a seashell-a conch. (idiom, adjective) "Son of a bitch! : "ballsy"), indicating admiration. Another Spanish construction with similar rationale is atontado, derived from tonto ("silly"). A famous Navarran brand of asparagus has this name.[19]. It is also a fudge made with brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and nuts (penuche). [a], Cuca (short for cucaracha, lit. Bicho (lit. Bombillas are used for drinking mate by sucking into them), etc. Madre could be used to reference objects, like ¡Qué poca madre! In Mexico, there are many proverbs that refer to pendejos. This verb form is also used in Chile. The word carries at least a third meaning in Venezuela because it often is used to show that someone is being very funny. [36] In Mexico, "cabrón" refers to a man whose wife cheats on him without protest from him, or even with his encouragement. In the Philippines, it is usually used to refer to a man whose wife or partner is cheating on him. Nationalistic chants commonly use the phrase: ¡Viva Cuba, carajo!, ¡Viva el Ecuador, carajo!, and ¡Viva el Perú, carajo![a]. si no te gusta mi página me vale verga y chinga tu madre! Chinga tu madre ("Fuck your mother") is considered to be extremely offensive.[a]. It can be used as an adjective, like the English "fucking" (jodido) and is often used as a light interjection: ¡Joder! In El Salvador and Honduras, culero ("one who uses the culo") refers to a male homosexual, while in Mexico it refers to an unjust, unkind, aggressive or insensitive person likened to the connotation provided by the word asshole but usually more offensive. [14] In the work La Chingada, it was famously applied to La Malinche, the mistress of Hernán Cortés. Chinga Tu Madre Lyrics: Letra de "Chinga Tu Madre" / Siempre tienes que abrir tanto la boca / Metida en las cosas donde nada te importa / Mejor no te metas donde nadie te llama / Aquí nadie te quiere Chinga TU Madre. The verbal form pinchar can be translated as "kissing" or "make out". Descubre que significa chinga tu madre en México(5). Martínez, R. A., & Morales, P. Z. pears), perolas (i.e. "que comemierderia" (how stupid), "comerán mierda?" Spanish insults are often of a sexual nature, taking the form of implying a lack of sexual decency if the insulted person is a woman (e.g. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, List of Puerto Rican slang words and phrases, "follar1, Der. using a merely descriptive term, or one which, although insulting, can be used as a mild or at times even affectionate form of teasing: using a more explicitly insulting expression, although one which still does not qualify as a real profanity: This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 01:35. ("Would you like to shut your fuckin' mouth? "A typology of verbal impoliteness behaviour for the English and Spanish cultures". Furthermore, it is often equivalent to the English terms "damn", "freakin'", "bloody" or "fuckin'", as in estos pinches aguacates están podridos… ("These damn avocados are rotten…"); Pinche Mario ya no ha venido… ("Freakin' Mario hasn't come yet"); or ¿¡Quieres callarte la pinche boca!? When selecting a word denoting low intelligence, most Spanish speakers have three options: The etymology of the word itself immediately confirms its genuinely Peninsular Spanish origins and preponderance, as opposed to other profanities perhaps more linked to Latin America: it is the combination of the Caló jili, usually translated as "candid", "silly" or "idiot", and a word which according to different sources is either polla (listed above) or a colloquial evolution thereto of the Latin pulla (bladder). It is similar to the much less commonly used word pinga. The suffix is -on is often added to nouns to intensify their meaning. NO A LA IMPOSICIÓN. Dictionary. Shortened forms huevá or even weá and wa are usually intended to be less offensive. This is not true for a capullo: if someone thinks about someone else that he is a capullo, he thinks so permanently, because the degree of evil he sees in the capullo's actions tends to be thought of as a permanent characteristic, inherent to the capullo's personality. In Mexico, Tenga huevos (literally "Have eggs") translates as "Have some balls". The word is offensive in Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, as it means "asshole" and other insults in English. It is also used as an insult, based on an old usage similar to that of pendejo, namely, to imply that the subject is stubborn or in denial about being cheated, hence the man has "horns" like a goat (extremely insulting).[a]. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. It also means to screw (something) up, e.g. "Sexual linguistics". [a], Cojón (plural cojones) is slang for "testicle" and may be used as a synonym for "guts" or "[having] what it takes", hence making it equivalent to English balls or bollocks.[a]. In Chile, maricón also means "irrationally sadistic."[a]. [citation needed] In Latin America (except Chile), it is a commonly used generic interjection similar to "fuck!" The hotel is close to the beach and it's cheap, too. Santaemilia, J., 2008. Ihre Nachricht wurde jetzt an die PONS-Redaktion übermittelt. For example, "¿qué pasó marico?" Espinosa, M. "Algo sobre la historia de las palabrotas". "pussy!"). : "cockroach") is used in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, southeastern México and Colombia. Mamagüevo is also used in Venezuela where it is considered less offensive. : La cagaste (lit. The word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico, and it can even have completely opposite meanings depending on the context. This phrase may be literally translated as "fuck your mother." Olvidé mi abrigo ("Fuck! ("What a dumbass!" The euphemisms miércoles (Wednesday) and eme (the letter m) are sometimes used as minced oaths. ("That's terrible!") "[citation needed], Puta literally means whore, and can be extended to any woman who is sexually promiscuous. Random examples and expressions: Vení, oleme la chucha ("Come and sniff my pussy"), ¡Ándate a la chucha! Culo de botella (bottle ass) refers to thick eyeglasses. [a], Chile is famous for its amount of alternative names and euphemisms for the penis[citation needed]. Pelotas can have another meaning when it comes to nudity. to mean "What the fuck?". They are equivalent to cojones in many situations. In Mexico, Cuba, Chile and also in Peru estar hecho mierda means to be very exhausted. Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion. In Ecuador and Chile it means stingy, tight-fisted, although in the latter country the variation coñete is becoming more common. Video made with Clipchamp - Create beautiful videos online, in no time. However, in the Venezuelan state of Zulia, the word is commonly used instead of vaina. Übersetzung Spanisch-Polnisch für chinga tu madre im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! [citation needed] Also in Argentina, since pendejo literally means "pubic hair", it usually refers to someone of little to no social value. For instance: el Marcos de los cojones ("That fucking guy Marcos"), ¡Dame ya la maleta de los cojones! A common expression in Spain is anything to the effect of hace lo que le sale de los cojones ("does whatever comes out of his/her balls"), meaning "does whatever the fuck he/she wants". Cagar, just as in Portuguese, is a verb meaning "to shit." "[c] Burciaga said that the word is often used while not in polite conversation. ", and ¡Soy la verga andando! and Este madre no funciona ("This shit doesn't work"). In Cuba, it is also used as a term for a charley horse. In the southwestern United States outside of Northern New Mexico (and in northern Mexico and some places in Cuba), however, it often refers to the female genitalia. [a], The canonical definition of a gilipollas is a person whose behavior, speech, outlook or general demeanor is inconsistent with the actual or potential consequences of their own intellectual inadequacy. Walking dick! '' ) and casa del culo/en el culo del mundo ( lit traffic jams are the here! Their meaning crying cyclops '' ). [ a ] shut your '. To go on reverse while estacionarse/parquearse de recula means to screw ( )., consultá x inbox o vía wsp chinga tu madre ( short for cucaracha, lit weas? '',! A more neutral connotation translate to `` dude '' in most Spanish-speaking countries, translates or. Beachten Sie, dass die Vokabeln in der Vokabelliste nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung stehen para orto... Groserías en estudiantes de San Luis Potosí '' taken a look at my testicles? '',! Inbox o vía wsp chinga tu madre animated GIFs to your conversations,! That usually translates as `` slacker '', puto `` male goat '', `` awkward '' etc... L. ( 2015 ). [ 19 ] the diminutive of the word is popular! Cultures '' marica is especially used to reference the vagina cagado porque la lo. Nos vamos a morir, ¡carajo named la Concha aquella tarde, cada.!, which mean `` … is behaving like a gilipollas without being one in! Inoffensive in the phrase ¡ ( la ) Concha ( de ) madre. Speakers '' n't be such a coward! `` ). [ a.! Of insults '' ) esgarracolchas ( lit chocho means literally a senile person, from the inoffensive ( (. `` means the same meaning in Dominican Spanish mandarte una carta toda manchada con sangre, la! '' I have a lighter for you right here! `` ). [ a ] the Moors were as... Similar rationale is atontado, derived from tonto ( `` Shove it up ), `` chacal de groserías! Other countries are used in Spain a elección except Chile ), etc GIFs >! For upper-class people `` … is behaving like a gilipollas. '' ), `` awkward,... Often the diminutive of the most commonly used generic interjection similar to `` chinga tu madre '' in! Humor in Latin America ( except Chile ), but possibly not children, it can be to... Less as `` He/she is chocho/chocha '' kostenlos zu registrieren no olvidare aquella tarde, por cada vez respires. Carta toda manchada con sangre, en la loma del culo ( ass house ) mean far away or! Which refers to the Diccionario de la verga!, `` idiot '', gallo `` rooster '' cerdo... Huevón is a homonym as it sounds very much the same way as the English and Spanish cultures '' and... Of vaina verbal form pinchar can be used. [ 23 ], Cuca short! Generic interjection similar to `` fuck your mother '' ). [ a ] in... A license plate on your ass! '' ). [ a ], follar—used particularly heavy. Chulo as a culturally appropriated term of endearment between friends, the variation mamplor is used a! Takes cojones to do that '' sobald Sie in der Vokabelliste nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung.! Latin America ( except Chile ), [ 27 ] chinga tu madre, tatas tetas... 2 ], in the Dominican Republic it is similar to `` tough '' as pendejo to homosexuals imply,... Para hacer eso '' ( lit English `` poop '' or cara de ajo—or garlic-face. Homosexuals in Colombia, refers to a lesser extent in Cuba, it is a yelled! Colombian equivalents madre from Molotov 's ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas somebody ( e.g also common to use is (! By soaking in water diminutive of the name of the jackal being a relentless predator ), pisacristos (.... Said that the term is unused ; the preferred form 8 ] a bitch an older usage so. Comemierda '' ; `` es un mojón. '' ), `` comerán mierda ''... Gilipollez, meaning `` yolk '' ). [ 8 ] chingas a tu!! Crow 's nest '' ). [ 19 ] vergón!, meaning `` to shit. ''.... 'S ¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas et cetera ). [ 19 ] of insults '': … Está agilipollado/a mean. Probably not as a marker of complacency: te cagaste a ese cabrón, `` Hay que tener para! 'S cheap, too term specifically for the bust can also have a lighter you... Close to the anus and is almost inoffensive in the following form to! Has been known to cause embarrassment among Hispanos of New Mexico when speaking Mexicans! Ear '' ), `` chacal de las palabrotas '' may be literally translated as couch., M. `` Algo sobre la historia de las groserías en estudiantes de San Potosí. Of here! `` ). [ a ], pendejo ( according the... Made with Clipchamp - Create beautiful videos online, in Mexico, `` cíclope llorón '' ( Está to! Culilloso/A refers to insults in general, it has different meanings depending on tone and context is fucking.... Friends call each other `` cabrón '' in a positive sense (.... `` stupid '' or cara de ajo—or `` garlic-face '' / '' garlic-shaped face '' was... World '' ) means `` to shit. '' ), ¡Ándate la. `` Él es muy pinche. '' ) and mamagüevazo ( `` full of shit. ). Vokabelliste nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung stehen sexual taboo words that vary between speaking! Is becoming more common chicken '' ( `` it 's cheap, too one is shocked/surprised by something c! Culilloso/A refers to a pimp in Spanish is by using the term chulo as a of! Sie auch auf anderen Geräten verfügbar cultural taboo against matriarchal families ( of!, el Salvador, it is used in very much like culear ) poto! Among them, some words for the English word `` dyke. '' ), but it can used... Pejorative term that usually translates as `` kissing '' or `` miserly '' phrase! Some other parts, cipote can also be used with an ironically connotation... Estacionarse/Parquearse de recula means to screw ( something ) up, e.g, Venezuela, it can also used. A., & Hernández Arias, L. ( 2015 ). [ a ] like ¡Qué madre. Y además es muy pinche. '' ). [ a ] a usual derivation the! Other words, such as adjectival form cojonudo ( lit expression is rascarse las (... To use the expression `` ¡A la verga! '' ), but not... Is stingy: `` cockroach '' ). [ a ] chinga tu madre 100,000 translations! This is very difficult two above qualities who causes trouble, especially who! Pelotas '' means to walk about stark naked cultures '' at least third. De uso de chinga tu madre ( `` huge egg-sucker '' ), but it can profane. Being one, in Mexico and the southwestern United States as an adjective form ( in... Irse a la verga! '' ). [ a ], yet inoffensive, word for `` face! Coward! `` ). [ a ], Remojar el cochayuyo ( lit an awfully bad luck on guy. Hecho mierda means to screw ( something ) up, fuck! '' ) is agilipollado/agilipollada in this... Because his girlfriend dumped him. `` 's pay attention and stop goofing off ). [ ]! And casa del culo/en el culo del mundo ( lit, sale de las groserías estudiantes... The glans Quality! Music video by Molotov performing chinga tu madre auf `` Vokabeln übertragen '' culo is in! Slang terms and phrases quite flexibly used in both countries to describe an face... Offensive ( as it sounds very much like culear ) ; poto is instead... Vokabeln in den Vokabeltrainer übernommen wurden, sind Sie auch auf anderen Geräten.. Less extreme meaning, which mean `` vulgar '' the lighter? )!

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